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Tohua Island

The Escape Room that comes to YOU! Bring peace and harmony to Tohua Island and calm the weather gods. Call us at 239-689-6979 for pricing and info!

Play Video Difficulty: 4/10 Success Rate: 100%
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Secret of the Silent Spy - 60 Minutes

Agent Y's last mission was to infiltrate a bunker in an undisclosed location to disarm a bomb. Follow his footsteps as your team uncovers clues, deciphers codes and saves humanity! (Formerly known as Espionage Boot Camp)

Play Video Difficulty: 6/10 Success Rate: 40%
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Secret of the Silent Spy- 30 Minutes

Agent Y has gone missing and your job is to complete his final mission! $14.95 per person! (Formerly known as Espionage Boot Camp)

Play Video Difficulty: 6/10 Success Rate: 40%
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The Mysterious Disappearance Of McGregor the Magnificent

McGregor The Magnificent has gone missing! Was it foul play? Perhaps… MURDER? Explore his dressing room and unlock his secrets within one hour to crack the case!

Play Video Difficulty: 5/10 Success Rate: 50%
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Treasure of the Seven Keys

While the captain and crew are out scouting a nearby island, you and your team sneak on board a pirate ship in search of treasure. Can you solve the mystery and escape with the gold coins in less than 60 minutes?

Play Video Difficulty: 5/10 Success Rate: 50%
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Brandon’s Totally Tubular Bedroom

Instead of setting up a lemonade stand like all the other kids, 12 year old Brandon has rigged his bedroom with puzzles using his toys from 1988. Can your group outwit a 7th grader in less than one hour?

Play Video Difficulty: 6/10 Success Rate: 40%
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Area 52

A local journalist has reason to believe an alien is being held captive by local government officials. Your mission is to sneak into Area 52 and get the scoop within one hour!

Play Video Difficulty: 8.5/10 Success Rate: 15%

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add How many people can book a game at one time?
Since all of our games are private games, the reservation cost for the experience is fixed at a 3-player minimum. If you wish to play a 2-player game, we ask that you purchase the minimum of 3 tickets. A maximum of 7-players are allowed in each game.
add What is Tohua Island?

Tohua Island is our new portable escape game that comes to you! It’s perfect for team building, family get togethers or parties you may be hosting!

It can accommodate 48 players in a single game! You tell us where you’d like to have it set up! You provide the tables and a few power outlets and we can turn any room into an escape room! Call us at 239-689-6979 for details and pricing!

add Is this scary?
Not at all! Escape Room Adventures is not a haunted house of any kind. An escape room is simply a themed game filled with puzzles hidden throughout that you and your team need to solve in order to win the game.
add Are you really going to lock us in the room?

Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, you can leave the game at any time you feel necessary. Just remember, the clock stops for no one, so visit the restroom before your game begins!

add What ages are appropriate to play Escape Room Adventures?
We recommend our games for ages 9 to 99. Anyone under the age of 16 needs to have at least one parent or guardian accompanying them.
add How much are tickets?
General admission is $29.95 per person. Discounted $26.95 admission is available to: college students, seniors over the age of 62 and hospitality employees (valid ID must be shown upon arrival at Escape Room Adventures).
Espionage Boot Camp 30 minute version is $14.95 per person
add Will strangers be playing with me if I don't buy all the tickets?
No. Your group of between 2 and 7 people will be playing in the game that you book. We do not mix groups.
add What if I need to cancel my booking?
You may cancel before 24 hours of your designated game start time. Any games that need to be rescheduled within 24 hours will need to be done by calling 239-689-6979.
add Where are you located?
Unfortunately our location is on the second floor and does not have an elevator. We apologize for any inconvenience.
add I would like to have a special event at Escape Room Adventures, what do I do?
Want to have an office team building, celebrate a birthday or even get engaged in the most unique and fun venue in Fort Myers? Contact us at info@erallc.net!
add Can I purchase a gift certificate for friends and family?
Absolutely! You can buy gift certificates for anyone! Simply click here: Purchase Gift Card. After purchasing, it will generate a unique code which is good for up to one year from purchase to redeem your game!
add What are your hours of operation?

Reservations are highly recommended! We are often booked in advance and can rarely take a walk up so please make a reservation on our website before heading out!

We are open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm!

add What is the cancellation policy?
Due to the nature of a private escape room experience, all reservations must be changed or cancelled with 24 hours notice from game start time to receive a full refund. Unfortunately, refunds can not be granted with less than 24 hour notice.
add Can I sign my waiver in advance?
Absolutely! Each member of your party must click this link and fill out the waiver before arriving at Escape Room Adventures.
add Do you offer birthday party packages?

We absolutely do! We partner with 2 Scoops Ice Cream shop in our plaza for birthday events. You can customize your package with an escape room, ice cream, t-shirts and even a small escape style game offered only to our birthday guests! Call us at 239-689-6979 for more details!

add Explain how Secret of the Silent Spy works. What is a competition game?

Secret of the Silent Spy is unique because we have created two identical rooms that allow groups to split into two teams and challenge each other. You can split up guys vs girls, bosses vs employees, adults vs kids, etc. The idea is to find out which team from your group can solve the puzzles the fastest. Groups with six or less people can play only one side if they choose not to compete. Groups of seven or more will split up into two teams.

add What if I am running late?

We do our best to accommodate groups who are running late. Per the nature of our business, starting games late forces other scheduled booking times to be pushed back as well. Depending on schedule, if your group is over 15 minutes late for your scheduled game, we reserve the right to shorten your game to accommodate other groups playing after yours to ensure we give everyone a fair experience. Thank you for your understanding.


"We had an afternoon to spare, so 6 of us decided to try this out. What fun! break into teams so you can solve the puzzle (we did!) Definitely would recommend this to others."
"What a great time this was!! Though we didn't make it out, we were sooo close. All the employees were super nice & really made the occasion even more fun. Will definitely go back!"
"Our whole leadership team went. We split up into two teams and each did a different room and then switched. Both rooms "Brandon's Totally Tubular Bedroom" and "Area 52" were great. I highly recommend it for lots of fun."
"Our group of 6 had a great time escaping from "Treasure of the Seven Seas". It was a fully immersive room with an effective storyline. The theming of the room was fantastic and the room itself very well designed. Some puzzles were unique and unlike any others I've seen across the multiple escape rooms in multiple countries. We had a mixed group of experienced and inexperienced escapees but all enjoyed the room and had a great amount of fun."
"We decided on a whim to try out this Escape Room and had a blast trying to find the pirate's treasure. We FAILED! but it was a great hour of entertainment. The puzzle was complicated and very well done. We left, had some lunch, and reserved an evening slot for Brandon's Bedroom, another puzzle room there. This one was also a lot of fun. And this time, we solved it with a whopping 3 minutes left. We are going back in a couple nights to try their third room, this time with a couple more people. And we got a Groupon making it a great deal also!"
"We attempted to escape from Brandon's Totally Tubular Bedroom. We were a party of six, and we got a nice deal via Groupon. The hosts at this Escape Room are super nice and informative. The puzzles to solve in Brandon's Room were well thought out and fun to attack. I wouldn't want to have more than six people in that room, as too many people make it even harder to solve the room's puzzles. But I don't think we would have done as well with only 4 people, and we sure would've failed with only 2 people. Great time."
"Our group of six which consisted of our family of four and two teenage friends of the family visiting from other countries, were able to work together and attempted to "beat the game", although we fell slightly short, we had a blast. Quinn was our host. He was very personable and helpful. We will definitely go back. On a side note, if you have never been to the strip plaza they are in, be sure to give yourself a few extra minutes. You cannot see them from U.S. 41. They are on the side, upstairs."
"This place was a lot if fun. A lot cleaner than the other place we went. The guy was very energetic and helped when needed. We did a hard one and we didn't take the extra hint when offered."
"It was the first time doing an escape room for all 5 of us so we did Brandon's Room. Such a fun way to celebrate my birthday! Woodley was a great host and walked us through hints when we needed to. Can't wait to come back!"
"My family of 6 attempted Area 52. We failed. Our guide Quinn was very personable and gladly volunteered to take our picture at the end. Definitely will be back to try the different themed rooms."
"Our family of 4 (with 2 adult "children") had a great time today solving the Brandon room escape adventure. It was lots of fun with great collaboration and a supporting, friendly staff. We would love to come back again to solve another room. And we did escape just minutes before time ran out. It is highly recommended."
"Four of us did the Area 52 Escape room. We could not complete it within the allocated one hour duration. However, we reached about 85% solution of the challenge. It was ingenious, funny and we enjoyed very much."
"We did the Brandon's Tubular Room and it was a lot of fun even though we didn't escape. We really liked that it was only our group on the room. There were lots of fun challenges and all I can say is be sure to think outside the box."
"We did Brandon's Room and had a blast! The themeing was amazing and the puzzles were well thought out. Great room for beginners and pros alike!"
"My family of 6 thoroughly enjoyed Escape Room Adventures in Fort Myers. It's a great family and/or group experience that gives everyone an opportunity to work together on a mission before 60 minutes runs out! Problem solving, as well as deciphering clues and puzzles are all part of the action! Very fun and memorable for our family. The staff were friendly and helpful too!"
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Escape Room Adventures

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